DIPRA appoints Tom Holliman as western regional engineer

GOLDEN, CO, AUGUST 23, 2016 — The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) has appointed Thomas R. Holliman, PE, as regional engineer in the western continental states as well as Hawaii and Alaska. Holliman brings more than 35 years of experience in planning, management, operations and consulting in water and wastewater engineering services.

With DIPRA, Holliman provides engineering support and services to water and wastewater agencies, municipal departments and engineering consultants. His technical support includes training for engineering staff; field training for installation of corrosion protection methods, such as installation of polyethylene encasements; pipe excavation examinations; and advisory services to public and private sector water and wastewater leaders.

“In my years as water and wastewater pipeline design engineer, an engineering and operations manager for agencies, and as an engineering consultant, I have always specified Ductile Iron Pipe because of its strength, durability and long term performance,” said Holliman.

Holliman is based in California, and is responsible for providing technical services and support in states fromNorth Dakota on the east to Hawaii on the west, with north to Alaska and south to western Texas. He can be reached at tholliman@dipra.org.

From its inception, the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) has provided accurate, reliable and essential engineering information about cast iron, and now Ductile Iron Pipe, to a wide variety of utilities and consulting engineers.

Founded in 1915, the organization’s initial role was to promote the superior qualities of iron pipe, but it evolved into a technically-based, research-oriented organization providing a variety of technical brochures and publications, representation on standards-making committees, technical research on a variety of applications-based topics such as corrosion control and design of Ductile Iron Pipe, and personal technical service through a regional engineer program.

While DIPRA member companies have different names and locations, they share a common commitment to produce and deliver the finest quality water and wastewater pipe material in the world, Ductile Iron Pipe, at the greatest possible value to its purchasers.